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Fanore, Ireland, September 1999


A good time is had by all - there's lots of ól (drinking), ceol (music) 
and craic (a particularly Celtic way of having a laugh).

Fanore is a village on the coast of West Clare.  'Fanore' means 'the golden strand'.  On your way to this village, you can see the golden beach and the little cottages spread along the coast.  This is Fanore - a pub, a post office, some ruins, a magical beach, and cottages strung along the steep slope rising from the sea. 

Fanore, County Clare is on the west coast of Ireland overlooking the Aran islands and a few miles north of Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher. 

Fanore is a small village with no real center except an isolated church and a couple pubs. Fanore also has the distinction of hosting the smallest St Patrick's Parade in Ireland consisting of a few old cars, about five kids with Irish dancing costumes and 20 tractors pulling bales of hay. 

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