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Ireland, September 1999

1916 Easter Sunday

On the first day of the Rising there was little fighting . The British were wholly unprepared since they believed that the Volunteers had abandoned the project, the British authorities were taken by surprise and could not immediately muster sufficient forces to attack the insurgents before they had "dug themselves in". It was on Tuesday that a British force of some 4500 men attacked the rebel strongholds and secured the Castle...

Irish Proclamation

It was early in 1914 that the Carsonite Volunteers, along with the help of British sympathizers in high places, ran a big cargo of arms ashore at Larne. Immediately the British Government prohibited the importation of arms into Ireland, lest the Nationalists should secure weapons too ...

Book of Kells

"The Work Not of Men but of Angels…"
(Giraldus Cambrensis, c.1150 AD)

The Book of Kells is one of the most famous books in the history of the world and was completed in about 800 AD.  The vellum (calfskin) manuscript contains transcriptions of the four Gospels, lavishly illustrated and ornamented. It is the most elaborate manuscript of its kind to survive from the early Middle Ages....

The Irish Famine

In 1845, the most severe potato blight in Irish history struck Ireland's potato crops. This monumental crop failure triggered a massive decline in the population of Ireland, and caused hundreds of thousands of people to emigrate to America.  If not for the potato famine, many of the Irish families who came to America would have never come over in the first place, and there would be far fewer Irish Americans.  The social, economical and historical effects of the Famine were devastating, but helped The Irish strengthen and grow as a people...

Irish National Stud

Established in 1946, the Irish National Stud combines an active role in the development and promotion of Irish bloodstock with its role as one of the country's major tourist attractions...

The Burren Perfumery

The Burren Perfumery is Ireland’s first Perfumery, set up over 30 years ago.  A family run business, each of the Perfumery's products has been hand produced using the highest quality pure natural essences, plant extracts and pure Irish spring water. The fragrances are mixed in a traditional way, over a six month period, before being hand bottled and packaged. 


Waterford Crystal Factory

The South East of Ireland is blessed with a glorious environment with superb beaches and coves.   Waterford city is busy, bustling and colorful. It is a city steeped in culture dating back in Viking Times.

There are attractive fishing villages and developed resorts along our scenic coastline. While in our houses and gardens, you will have the chance to leisurely admire the grace and beauty of bygone times.


National Ploughing Championships

The National Ploughing Championships took place in Castletownroche in Autumn 1999 and the Trust was pleased to see that 
Churchtown played its part by accommodating over 40 members of the Ulster Farmers Union...

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